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Children’s Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Children are the last people in the world who want to go to the dentist. However, oral hygiene is probably the most important health factor for children, especially at a young age. It has been proven by scientific research that poor hygiene in young children may lead to poor oral health later in life. Your children’s gums are important to their oral hygiene in the future and it all starts now.

We realize the dentist is the last place children want to go. They may have a phobia of the office, or just strongly express their complete disinterest in sitting in the office chair or waiting room. That is why we created a children friendly environment so we could help ease the experience for your children.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced in dealing with younger children. For your convenience, we can also watch your children in the waiting room while you are in the office chair, or we can schedule your appointments so that you and your child can have your cleaning done at the same time.

If you’re looking for a children’s dentist in Chicago, we’re the office for you?

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