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School Dental Exams in Chicago, IL

Most schools require your kids to visit the dentist before the school year starts. We know your kids probably don’t dream about coming to the dentist; however, we made sure to make the experience for your children seamless and comfortable. It is important you bring your children in for their annual checkup to make sure their oral hygiene is maintained so they do not experience pain or problems in the future.

Your children’s dentist will be able to spot any potential issues ahead of time and help you avoid an emergency trip to the dentist later on by spotting cavities and any other issues that may be occuring within your children’s mouth.

Our doctors will make sure to check your child’s bite alignment, checking that teeth are coming in straight and strong, and looking at their gum health. This will all contribute to your children’s health and will give them a strong and healthy smile as an adult.

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